The LH Times!
(Read backwards...the beginning of each section is basically the end of the year)

2009-The economy seems to really be failing, just in the first two months of the year, we have
seen intake requests multiply to some scary levels.  During the same time frame, adoption
requests have stopped entirely, as have donations.   Reports of abandoned animals from the
smallest to the largest keep escalating as well.

2008-Filled out grant paperwork for a generator.  After an emergency intake of feral cats with
kittens, and the months of socializing kittens of various ages...we are pleased to announce that the
kittens are ready to discover a whole new world in new forever homes!  The elder kittens are
already altered, while the two younger litters are just about ready for that.  Very pretty
markings, B&W, tabby, and blue & white little darings!  Emergency feral cat rescue, with kittens!  
Three adult females and their three litters of 3, 4 and 6.  Unfortunately, we have many elderly
pets here that may require high vet bills in the future, so we have decided to close for private
party intakes for now.  Everyone needs a bit of a break.  Female and Male Degu are still adoptable,
and we will continue to do monthly runs to Tucson and Phoenix for adoptions and home
inspections.  Temporary cessation of private intakes, degu transferred from another shelter.  
About a dozen adoptable rats left, the rest have been retired to being spoiled rotten.  6 adoptable
female degu left.  Official shift from rescue to education of adults and the little people who will
grow into our future.  Placement assistance still available.

2007-All the male degu have been adopted!  One ferret came in but went straight to a home!  New
chicken coop built (5 x 12 ft), electricity put in for a brooder light in November.  Remaining caged
pets moved in to indoor foster care from original building to save electricity.  Transfers from
California, a dozen Degu, 11 rats and a gerbil that looks suspiciously like a baby degu.  Of the 60ish
rats that came in, all but 26 have been adopted.  Our population at the shelter and in foster care
number 31 adoptable rats, the garage rat, and 7 in retirement.  A vast THANK YOU to the people
of Tucson, Sierra Vista and the Phoenix area for providing these little guys and gals wonderful
places to finish off their lives in love and peace.  About 60 rats aged 5 days to 6 months arrived,
plus four rabbits, rescued from another rescue closing it's doors for good in the Valley, and a few of
these guys and gals just moved there from a closing shelter in Las Vegas!  Most came from a feeder
breeder who stuffed 50 rats in a small box and dumped them at another shelter, needless to say
there were deaths involved and many injuries (ears and tails are missing from a few of the

survivors).  Tigger and Piper are moving to a Wellness Centre in Mesa!  Genesis and Fred (cats) are
moving to Phx!  Gus Gus (the rabbit) found a home in Tucson!  We are so happy for them (and
their new families)!  4 rats adopted, 2 came back, all hamsters adopted!

2006-rat barn heater fried, got that replaced. The temp was about 30 degrees in the morning out
there, so it was imperative to replace it.  Lowest temp here-11 degrees.  And it's snowed three
times.  Back wall of the rat barn fell down, it was adobe so was stuck moving a 20ft x 6ft fallen
wall.  On the upside, was able to put in insulation with the wall out of the way, and a new wall is
now erected.  Built shelters and a coop, the goats, chickens & ducks all have their own shelters or
coop...which they never use...such is life.
Previous months...
March 2009
We received conformation that our grant for a generator has been approved!  
Many thanks to PETFINDER.COM and HONDA!!! We will keep it mobile for
disaster recovery within the foster care network.
It's on backorder, but it will get here eventually...  Most of our foster care homes in this area utilize
wells for water, having this generator will allow us to move the generator
via 4x4 to power water,
heat or air instead of upsetting the animals with an evacuation and attempting to relocate them
within a short time-frame during what may be a wide spread emergency.  In other words, it is far
easier to get the generator and fuel to the site of need instead of trying to mobilize everyone to pack
up and truck out stressed animals, supplies, and equipment.
 Each site will be required to have an
electrical contractor install a bypass for the generator at their own expense, so we're not feeding the
grid and electrocuting random utility workers with the overflow.  Safety first!
Scheduled trips to the Tucson and Phoenix metro areas:
Please email for scheduling, we'll work with you!