We love all our pets, here are the pets we loved.
Here's some fun photos we have of some of our loved ones.  Many are all buried by the tree in the
back yard or in the front flower beds nourishing our permanent plants.  Our favorites have
memorial stones.
Diesel, better known as "D" and Mr. Nakie, was our
hairless guinea pig.  He died of liver failure at age
2 years, September, 2005.  He was very ticklish &
would do a little dance to get rid of you.  He
chattered in the silent tones.
C. S. Lewis, better known as Louie.  Every animal that has stayed with us can thank
him.  Every animal that we rescue can thank Louie, and we work in his name.  He came
out of the snake food bin when he was just a baby.  The best rat ever, he licked, cleaned,
came when you called, and walked on a leash.  He was loving even at the end.  This
picture was right before he decided these feet needed that rattie fresh smell and cleaned
them.  Of course, we never got a picture then because we were laughing so hard!

Died: 2005
Chelsey,  she was a crazy little cat.  Died 2003
aged 14
Louie & Diesel next to each other, they used to play
together in life.  Mostly D would run around after
Louie and try to get his tail.  But Louie would clean
him, too!
We shall miss you always!
A tribute to those who have passed...
Rest In Peace, My Friend...
Dusty the hamster, had more fur than you'd
believe, enough for 4 teddy bear hamsters!
Died 2005 age 2
Yoda, rescued from an abusive home, had mental
issues.  Disappeared 2005
Jetta, died young because of bad breeding.
Died 2004
Shrieker and Poe.  Died 2005, at 2 years old
Curly, shown with Bach, had liver problems.  
Died 2005, aged 1 year.
Mr. Ham Jr.  Died 2005, aged 2 years
We've lost so many dear little
one's before we ever got a
chance to know them well.  
Some before they even had a
name.  Those that had names
but are not pictured are Frodo,
Mr Nakie, Louis, Luiz, Frank,
Anastasia, Alice, Ali, Mr Ham
Sr, Lamidia, Sammy, Mr Sr
Naked, Criton, Matt, Marx,
The People's Cat, Cleo,
Sweety, we miss you all and
honor your memory by
carrying on in your stead.  
This site is dedicated to the
memory of  Milton and Georgene
Pearce, who taught everyone
they touched to love and respect
all of God's creatures, not just
the one's that look cute.  We hope
only to be as good of people as
they were.
And to Douglas Adams, who's great books befriended many of
us in youth, keeping us sane through life's turmoil.  We shall
never forget you, and what your writings did for us, you live
on in our hearts and on our book shelves...