We offer private
instruction on
rodent care &
We currently offer private tutoring on how to take
care of your pet.  This is aimed at children, but
parents are of course welcome!  The goal of the
tutoring is to teach children to care for their
existing pet properly & to give them insight in to
the true potential of their pet.  There's more to a
pet than just staring at it & cleaning it's cage.

Any rodent can learn to do at least one trick, and
we teach the child the steps they have to go
through to get their pet to do tricks.  We also do
fun projects, such as making toys out of wood,
paper, or cardboard.  Children learn proper care
and handling, how to maintain a routine and
learn what to expect from their pet.  

We also offer tutoring as a preparation to

a pet owner, this is aimed at both
parents & children so everyone in the house is on
the same page when it comes to their new pet.  
This includes having a schedule worked out in
advance of who takes care of what & when, as well
as selecting the right pet for your family.

We also visit schools and do group sessions where
we show the students the different types of
rodents available, and do a brief overview on each.

Individual tutoring is $10 for one child, $15 for
two children and $20 for three or more children.  
Special needs children in the family receive a
discount always.  Group prices are $20.  
Instruction is about an hour but can be longer at
no additional charge if the child has special
needs or there are a lot of questions.

Email to schedule an appointment or ask
questions, or use the Contact page by clicking