To be considered for any adoption, please fill out your information and
answer the following questions.  There are no
wrong answers here, it
helps us to make a wonderful match for you and the animals!  The more
we know, the better match we can make.
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Any children?
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Anything else? Please include special requests, disabilities of household member, etc...
Fine Print:  I agree to give food, water, shelter and vet care when required.  I agree that I
will not subject my pet(s) to medical testing or any form of abuse.  I agree to notify LH in
the event that I cannot keep my new family member(s), and will allow LH up to 7 days to
make arrangements for the transfer of the pet(s) back to the shelter.  I agree to not hold LH
responsible for any variables in personality, temperament, or health of the pet(s).
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